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Wild Rabbits Rescued

Since their rescue they have been released into the wild!

We were contacted by a member of the community asking for assistance with wild rabbits. Their mom got the attention of an owner walking his dog and brought them back to her nest. Within minutes of arriving to the nest the mom fell to the ground and had passed away from an unknown cause. It is as if she knew something wasn't right and she made sure her babies would be ok and taken care of. 

When we received the call we had to let them know that we are not licensed to handle wild rabbits and would not be able to legally take them in ourselves. We assisted the gentleman by directing him to call various wildlife rescues in our area. We received the call back that 5 wildlife rescues were contacted and all were either full, not taking any rabbits, or did not give a call back. Once we learned this and being around 10/11pm we then offered to take them over for their safety. Rabbits typically are ready to start feeding anywhere from 11pm-2am so it was important we got them nourishment. Thankfully all buns ate well and enjoyed a nice snooze on a heating pad after to keep them warm.

Our Rescue Owner took on these wild rabbits to make sure they would make it through the night while herself and our Operations Director kept contacting wildlife rescues to take them over. They came to our rescue infested with fleas which caused our Owner to need to treat everyone in her home with Revolution. It cost around $500 in Revolution as multiple treatments were required and our owner had a large domestic litter at the time. Thankfully fleas were their only issue and otherwise they were healthy and strong!

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Overnight Stay

Thankfully our owner is friends with a phenomenal rescue from Florida! Our owner, Breanna, contacted the owner of Blossom's Bunnies Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue, Karyn, who instructed Breanna how to properly care for wildlife rabbits. Thankfully our owner was able to get a crash course in wild rabbits to keep them alive until someone more experienced and licensed could take them over. Breanna stayed up with them most of the night to make sure they were ok, they left around noon with their wildlife rehabber who raised them for a month.

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Blossom's Bunnies Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue

A special thank you to Karyn for going out of her way and staying up late on the phone with Breanna to make sure she was able to care for these wild buns properly. Karyn even stayed up late knowing that she had her own to still care for. It's thanks to ones like Karyn that make the biggest differences. She puts her whole heart and soul into caring for wildlife animals that come into her care and is always happy to offer advice! Thank you so much Karyn for always being so phenomenal and giving your life for these animals, we are lucky to have you and your rescue!

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Feeding Time!

Karyn, owner of Blossom's Bunnies Wildlife Rehabilitation and Rescue, gave strict instructions on how feeding time will go. Without her guidance and expertise this rescue could have very easily gone very wrong and lives could have been lost. It is very important to leave rehabilitations to ones who are trained how to care for these animals properly. As much as we may want to help, it does not benefit the animal in anyway to stay in the care of someone who isn't trained while a trained professional could take them over and allow them to thrive. If you would like to help with these types of rescue cases in the future I highly recommend becoming a volunteer for these phenomenal organizations.  

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Ready for release!

These 3 babies came to us when they were only a couple days old and now around a month of age they are ready to start the lives! Thanks to Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation they were able to grow and thrive in the care of a trained professional who knows how to handle wild rabbits. Thanks to their love, care, and support all three rabbits were able to make it through this very traumatic and difficult time without their mother to guide and care for them. Thank you Another Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation for being there to help these ones that are in need of your help! We are so grateful to have a phenomenal Wildlife Rescue like yours who is there to give these animals everything they need to recover.

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