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AKA Kiwi

Sex: Male

Age: 2 years approx. (2023)

Neuter date: September 14, 2021 

Medical concerns: None that we are aware of.

Rescue Date: September 16, 2021

Adoption Date: November 20, 2022

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Medical Recovery

Graphic Images Warning

Tonks was 24 hours post-op and not able to handle to pain he was experiencing. To try to help deal with the pain he tried to get at the pain to take it out, sadly that means he was biting himself open. 

Tonks was put on proper pain meds as soon as our owner got home with him. The next day when he saw our vet, he was also placed on antibiotics just in case an infection started with open wounds on each testicle. After 14 days it was like nothing happened!

Tonks: Welcome

Background Info -

Tonks was pulled from a shelter who only takes in dumped/abandoned rabbits. While our owner was in to check out the rabbits in their care, she noticed that there was fresh blood. Tonks had just been neutered the day before, the vet on site said this is considered normal after a surgery. Our owner had him pulled immediately and it was explained to the vet why this isn't considered normal. When Tonks was seen by our vet the next morning, it was confirmed that due to being under dosed on pain meds after his neuter he was self-mutilating himself from pain.

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Nov 20, 2022

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