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Surrendered: Aug 20, 2021

Surrender Reason: Medical

Neuter Date: Oct 14, 2021

Upper Respiratory Infection, Facial wounds leading to abscesses, and Sinusitis Maxillaris.

Teddy: Welcome

Surrender Intake Background

We were contacted by the owner of 2 rabbits who had gotten into a fight with each other. They both had severe infections going on from the wounds. Teddy's facial wounds had led into abscesses along with an Upper Respiratory Infection. Buddy had a very severe bacterial infection that ended up taking his life. He saw vets 2 days in a row and on the third day he sadly did not make it to his third vet appointment before he passed. He fought so hard but by the time he arrived into our care the bacterial infection was so severe he was struggling to breathe.

Teddy: Text

Medical Background

Teddy was taken immediately to the vet upon arrival. He was sedated for his facial abscesses to be lanced, these were formed from wounds. He was placed on Metacam and antibiotics. 

Our owner felt a second opinion was needed as he wasn't seen by our regular vet and the diagnosis given was different from what our owner thought was going on. Our regular vet confirmed what our owner thought was going on and correct his diagnosis and treatment. Due to the facial wounds, we did x-rays to rule out dental issues leading to any of the abscesses and to ensure he was on the proper treatment. It was then we learned he has the start of sinusitis maxillaris thanks to the skull x-rays. 

He needs a CT to confirm the extent of the dental issue which will then help us come up with a treatment plan so that he can become adoptable. We need your help to afford his very expensive care. Diagnostics alone will be $1200-1500 plus treatment, this isn't including all the appointments leading up to this point.

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