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Severe ear infection and ear mite infestation.

Sybill: Welcome

Severe ear infection & ear mite infestation

Sybill was a dumped rabbit who was rescued with severe ears concerns to they point they were becoming deformed and holes were forming.

When she arrived to our owners home, Breanna was able to smell infection on Sybill when she was in her lap. Being petrified, Sybill was a screamer and so Breanna needed to attend the vet appointment to keep her stress level low.

While at the vets they confirmed that she had two types of bacteria found in her ears along with a severe ear mite infestation which took three doses of Revolution to resolve. The infestation was eating away her ear inside the upper ear, ear canal, and around the the edges. Thankfully we were able to get her in time before her hearing was effected, we were also able to stop the holes from progressing through treatment.

Sybill: About

My Story

Have you heard about rabbits being dumped? I was one.

It is wet and cold because it was winter. There are lots of scary fast cars going by. I'm so hungry and thirsty. I finally found a deck that I could hide under. My ears are hurting and they are SO itchy! Something is in my ears, I can hear them and it's starting to hurt.

I've been out a few days now. These humans seem to be nicer and have been giving me carrots. They are sugary and gas-causing but beggars can't be choosers, I'm SO hungry! Thankfully the snow is melting into puddles and so I have some water although it is very gritty from the dirt.

I've been out a week now, will this be my life? I'm scared all the time, I'm trying to keep warm, I have no food or water, my ears are so itchy/hurting/and the noise is unbearable, i can't sleep, etc. I bet I would be better off dead.

These people keep showing up, I don't know what they want. They tried to take apart the deck, it was very scary! I tried to hide, thankfully I don't think they saw me. They left something, what is it? I don't know what this thing is but it has yummy smelling food inside! I want that food, do you think it's safe?

Ahh!!! No no no!!! Help me!!!! I'm trapped! Please no!! I'm scared! Please don't hurt me! PLEASE!!!!

It's time, isn't it? I see them walking to me now. This is it, I knew it would happen. I guess this is my time. It's happening, I'm about to die. I screamed as loud as I could when she touched me! I tried to get the attention of others. I was screaming and screaming for help! Anyone's help! I need someone to save me! PLEASE HELP ME!!! Don't let her take me!!!! PLEASE!!!!! I don't want to die!! Please!!

I think she brought me back to her den. I think she gave me an area to stay in. She is being nice, I don't trust this. They will turn on you, just you wait and see! It always happens as soon as they don't want you anymore. I need to not get used to this, this is only temporary.

Ok, I made it through the night and everything seemed ok. There are others here who look like me, I wonder why they are here?

No!!!! I knew this would happen!! No please! I'll behave! I promise I'll do everything you want me to, please just let me stay!! Please don't do this to me again! PLEASE!! I'm so scared, I don't know what to do. Please stop! You don't have to do this!

I'm at another place now, they said it's my turn next. What does that mean? They brought me into a smaller area, what is this place? Oh no! Not the touching!! I screamed and kicked and tried to get away!! The nice lady came and held me, I feel safer with her. They are still trying to touch me all over and they keep going in my ears. Ugh, my ears are SO itchy!! We are leaving now and the nice lady is still here! Is this a good sign? Where am I going now?

What a relief!! She brought me back to my area in her home, I was so excited I did a binky! She is putting stuff on the back of my neck and I am being forced to take something else, it doesn't taste too bad so I don't mind. I think she said it was Revolution and antibiotics. She gives me lots of cuddles especially after giving me them.

I have the coolest thing to tell you! I was out running around in her living room and the next thing I know my area is clean, I have more hay, freshwater, fresh veggies, even more chews, and so much more!! I've never had this before, it's like magic!

My favourite thing to play with is the ball, the nice lady throws it and I go get it and bring it back to her. She says I am so smart!! I like living here!

My ears are starting to feel so much better! They are way less itchy and I can hardly hear them eating away at my ear anymore! The nice lady said that is why I was so itchy and it was hurting.

I went to a new home today but I wasn't as scared as I once was. When I arrived they were super nice humans who wanted to cuddle me right away, I liked that! I was allowed a MUCH bigger area here! There is so much free roam too! I normally don't like children but these ones are pretty cool, they aren't doing scary things and let me come to them. Their mom always watches us too when they are near.

There is another bun here now! I would love to be friends with him!! I would be so excited to have a friend of my own! I've always wanted to have a family!

It happened!!! His name is Dobby and they said he is my forever husbun now! We spend a lot of time together cuddling! I was right, having a family is the best!

I just got told the news! I never thought this day would come!! I was told someone wanted me! Well.. us but ME! They like me and want to take us home FOREVER!! I am so happy Dobby and I will have a home to call our own! I never thought this day would happen! A forever home, all for us!!! We sure are the luckiest couple of rabbits!

Sybill: About
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