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Meet our Rescue Family!

Our volunteers allow our rescue to be functional! 

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I have always had a passion for our furry friends as a child. Becoming an adult has only increased my passion to make a difference for these sweet babies.

Our rescue was formed when I was contacted to assist in looking into a hoarding situation. I was asked to do visual exams and document the home along with injuries/illnesses. Multiple organizations were involved however she would only release the rabbits to me under the promise that I'd personally get them the help they required. 12 in total were pulled from the home and surrendered into my care. With nowhere for them to go and medical attention needed asap, our rescue was formed that day. My personal funds went towards the recovery of all 12 rabbits to make sure they would be ok. This is when I realized the need for a medically inclined rescue as not many are willing to take them on due to the financial burden and time required for their care. 

I started as a foster and worked my way up to running the rescue I was volunteering for. Having the experience of running a rescue while also handling all their medical cases, allowed me the opportunity to align myself to be able to open my rescue while having a firm background knowledge in common illnesses, conditions, and injuries. 

I feel so blessed to be able to be in the position I am and getting to help rabbits that would otherwise not have a chance.

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Assistant to the Owner

I am a huge animal lover and currently a foster for Hagrid's Haven. I have loved animals my whole life and remember my first rescue was a stray cat that was caught in a tree. I work with children on the Autism spectrum, and love working with behaviours. 

I got my first rabbit in 2021. I had always wanted one and did a lot of research, but it still wasn't enough. I'm still learning more every day! I found Cadbury on Kijiji who was with a family that no longer had time for him, he was purchased around Easter for their children. I brought him home and he was amazing with myself and my cats. It was love at first site! I had been in contact with Hagrid's to help ensure I was doing thing right. In June of 2021, Cadbury got very sick, it came on very suddenly. I brought him to a savvy vet, who sent him home. A few hours later, things got worse. I reached out to Breanna, who had me come see her right away. 

She helped to stabilize him until I could rush him to Campus. Sadly, he passed away that night.

It was then I realized I wanted to foster and help other rabbits in need. I have loved every minute of fostering for Hagrid's. 💜

I am thrilled to be helping such a great rescue!

Meet our Team!: About