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Eye Infection and possibly born without an eyeball

Birthday: March 2022

Surrender Date: April 18, 2022

Neuter Date: August 31, 2022

Odin: Welcome

Medical Surrender

With our rescue being primarily a medical rescue, we were specifically contacted when this case was brought to one of our volunteers attention. We were closed for intake however knowing the help this little one needed especially being so young, we made an exception. 

The night that we heard this little one needed our help we had arranged for him to see our vet along with our holistic doctor the next day. When we were able to get in touch with the owner, we were able to secure Odin that night to be surrendered to us. He was at a farm just outside of Sarnia who breeds rabbits for meat. We were told he was 6 weeks however he looks to be younger, possibly closer to 4 weeks of age. 

Thankfully our vet, Dr. Jamie, is absolutely phenomenal and allowed Odin to be seen with our Hanna who already had an appointment the morning after we got Odin. Our holistic doctor, Dr. Steve, is also phenomenal that when texted that night, he squeezed Odin into our next days appointment with Hanna  that afternoon. Odin may have had a rough start to life but we are determined to make it right for him! 

The morning after being surrendered he saw Dr. Jamie where he was put on 2 eye drops and oral antibiotics. We were asked to monitor his eye that didn't open to see if an eye ball forms or can be seen. If there is no eyeball, his eye will need to be sown closed so that it doesn't continually try to fill with infection. If there is a small eye ball, we will need a specialist to remove it and then close. We are unsure how much vision is in the eye that is open. 

Odin needs help to keep up with his treatment along with a surgery for his eye. If you're able to help, Odin would be so thankful for your help!

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