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Muffin's Dental Journey

Pulled from a shelter due to medical needs, would be euthanized otherwise.

Muffin: Welcome

Muffin came to our rescue as a medical bun pulled from a shelter that only accepts dumped animals. The shelter contacted us asking if we can take over her care, being a medical bun she was automatically accepted into our rescue. She came to us with an upper respiratory infection along with what we thought was a blocked nasolacrimal duct. 

While doing further diagnostics it was noticed that the true cause of the nasal duct being chronically blocked was Muffin having Sinusitis Maxillaris. Along with having this condition, Muffin is also having issues with her incisors growing far too quickly for it to be safe for them to stay. Her incisors will need to be extracted for her best chance at having a happy healthy life! OVC will let us know what is best to resolve her Sinusitis Maxillaris which might mean more teeth being extracted. 


Help Muffin get the specialized surgery that she requires to live her best life and not be a chronic dental bun with a small donation. 

Muffin: Our Work

Medical Foster

Thanks to our medical fosters we are able to handle so many medical cases at once!

Angela is one of our medical fosters who goes above and beyond to ensure the health of Muffin. 

Angela started off as a foster and when there was a need to help a medical rabbit, she jumped at the chance to not only save a rabbit from being euthanized but helped to give Muffin a second chance at a healthy normal life.

Thank you so much Angela for taking in Muffin and helping her make her way to full recovery.

Muffin: About

Dental Surgery

Until we are able to get Muffin to OVC to see a dental specialist, she has to undergo temporary fixes till a more long term solution can be performed by OVC. Muffin requires her incisors to be extracted along with possibly molars for a long term solution.

We are so blessed to have Dr. Jamie Worsley-McGill as our veterinarian at

Forest Veterinary Clinic! Dr. Jamie always goes above and beyond for everyone under her care and it shines through her work! Many severe cases have been able to be

quickly resolved thanks to the loving care Dr. Jamie provides. 

Muffin: Text
Muffin: Pro Gallery

Incisor Removal Surgery

January 26, 2022 - January 29, 2022

Overgrown Incisors

Muffin's incisors were growing so quickly that she was requiring dental trims every TWO WEEKS! Long term that was not a good option for her. Our vet recommended OVC for an incisor removal surgery. 


Long-term solution needed

Without having her incisors removed she would be subject to dental trims every 2 weeks. Not only is this not ideal for Muffin and is stressful, painful, and incredibly uncomfortable the closest rabbit-savvy vet is an hour away. Solving Muffin's dental issues at the root not only allows Muffin to live a healthier life but allows her to be more easily adoptable! An incisor removal surgery costs $1100, this is not including all diagnostics and medical appointments needed to get us to this major surgery. 


Incisor Removal Surgery!

Thanks to your donations we were able to get Muffin her Incisor Removal Surgery! She is now well on her way to becoming a healthy rabbit! She is so happy to no longer need to travel every 2 weeks to spend the day at the vets. She is feeling so much better and getting back to her happy self without the worry that she won't be able to open her mouth.

Muffin: News

Learning to eat again!

With no longer having her front teeth to help her move and break down her food, it took a little to relearn how to eat again. She now is able to move her mouth and tongue more to be able to maneuver the food around. Muffin's medical foster cuts her lettuce up into smaller pieces so that it is easier for her to eat.  

Muffin: About
Muffin: Pro Gallery
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