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Not available for adoption YET!

Sex: Female

Approx. Age: 1 year (2022)

Weight: 7lbs approx.

Spay Date: November 4, 2021

Medical Concerns: None we are aware of! 

Rescue Date: August 8, 2021

Kita: About Us

Background Information:

Kita is a dumped rabbit who was rescued by a member of our community and brought to our rescue. We knew she was injured coming to us however we were not aware of the severity. 

When she arrived she was docile, weak, malnourished, and reeking of infection. She was taken immediately to Campus Emergency Hospital for treatment here we learned she was actually missing her dewlap/throat from one ear to the other. She had maggots covering her neck wound, a botfly larvae in the right side of her neck, and a tick. She required emergency surgery when she was admitted.

About Kita:

Kita has a very outgoing personality mixed with a bit of sass and a lot of love. Kita much prefers free roam, with being a very well behaved young lady she is able to no longer have an x-pen! 

Kita loves her lettuce and will stop at nothing to try and sniff it out or to try and suck you into feeding her some more. She likes lounging in a cat tree hammock, obstacle courses, forage mats, couch surfing, and enjoys using her foster as a jungle gym.

Kita would LOVE to have a friend and has currently befriended a cat. She likes to hang out with the cat and have races up and down the hall. She is the best snuggler and will snuggle up to your chest and give little nose boops to make sure you don't stop petting her. She likes to do your hair occasionally but careful she doesn't give you a trim.

Her favourite thing to chew is her edible straw hut that she’s obsessed with. Her favorite treat is banana and is happy to do tricks when offered some! She does not actively go after cords but I wouldn't chance it by leaving one out just in case. You'll need to be careful with your slippers around Kita as she does like to go after them.

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