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Kita's Recover Journey

Kita was a dumped rabbit who was rescued by a member of our community. We knew she was injured coming to us however we were not aware of the severity.

Kita: Welcome

When she arrived she was docile, weak, malnourished, and wreaking of infection. She was taken immediately to Campus Emergency Hospital for treatment. 


When she arrived at Campus they found maggots covering her wound from one end to the other, a Botfly larvae, a tick, and she was missing her dewlap/throat from ear to ear. 

Kita: About

Given a low chance at survival with the very real possibility she was already septic with how badly her neck was infected, we asked her vets to try their best to save her life. 


When Kita came home it was quite a shock to see how truly bad and how serious of an injury this was. Kita required intensive home care and weekly procedures for a couple of months. She recovered better than we could have ever imagined and you can barely tell she went through this horrific ordeal any longer! 

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Kita: About

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