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Available for Adoption!

Name: Jack

Colour: Orange

Sex: Male

Birthdate: November 13, 2020

Weight: 8lbs approx.

Neuter Date: June 2, 2021

Medical Concerns: None we are aware of!

Jack: About Us

Background Information:

We sent a rescue team out when we were contacted about dumped rabbits. While on site we realized these rabbits had an owner. We spoke to the owner about the rabbits and possibly taking them over. The owner said he didn’t care about 2 of the rabbits however, the other 3 are liked by his children and we were unable to have the 3 surrendered into our care. 

These 5 rabbits were being kept free roam outside under a flower planter table that the owner surrounded with chicken wire, one side was left open for the rabbits to be able to get in and out. 

We were able to bring their mom and dad into our rescue. Their mom, Ginny, came into the rescue pregnant, Jack was born into the rescue.

About Jack: 

Jack is an introverted snuggle bun. It takes him a little to warm up, but once he does, you’ll be his best friend. The way to his heart is through ear massages and scratching his head right between the ears. He is a very big fan of hidey holes such as tents and tunnel. He is no stranger to zoomies and binkies when overwhelmed by happiness and feels loved! Watching him grow to trust you will make your heart melt!

He loves leafy green time along with other veggies, you can count on him being all over you if you have any veggies. If you give him a little green apple he will love you forever! He likes cuddling while he munches away.

He loves to be close to those he loves, whether that be sitting beside you in bed or having a cuddle puddle with his brother. Once he’s comfortable you’ll catch him napping the days away, sprawled/flopped out on all the soft surfaces he can get too. He also makes a very handsome loaf that resembles a baguette. Being a larger bun, he has some length to him. Jack is a very loving boy, but also very sassy. If he’s got his mind set on something and you’re in his way, he’s not shy about giving you a nudge with his nose (gently) while starring you down. Usually, he’s nothing but a sweetheart though! 

He loves chewing his vine balls filled with orchard hay and hay topper from Hagrid's Buntique. He loves playing and tossing around his green baby ball. 

He is a little weary of being picked up but tolerates it as long as you’re very careful and support him well. Once he’s against your chest, he’s much more comfortable and feels secure.

Jack was bonded to his brother Noah who sadly passed away on November 11, 2022.

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