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Disabled rabbit pulled from a kill shelter.

Hanna is a bun with no use of her back legs. She was transferred into our care from another rescue due to the medical attention, financial hardship, home care, medical care, educating oneself on the conditions, etc that came along with having a rabbit like Hanna. While in our care we have set her up with regular veterinarian and holistic visits. This is paired with her at home care which includes massage, physio, several medications, and wrapping her legs and feet. She has seen the specialists already and currently we are doing everything we can for her. We have assistive devices for Hanna to help with at home care and getting around. Only time will tell now how much we can recover her. We are in desperate need of funds for her continued care as she received several appointments a week which add up quickly.

Hanna: News

Hanna's Background

3-7 months of age

Hanna was pulled from a kill shelter in Quebec by a rescue. While being aware of her condition when she was pulled, she progressed into a more complex case than what they were able to handle. Unfortunately while in their care she wasn't receiving the necessary medical attention or care that she requires. This sadly led to Hanna going downhill and losing the use of her back legs as a result. We took her over when surgery was required to repair self inflicted wounds while being told there were no funds available to have the wound repair surgery. We could not allow a rabbit to go without necessary surgery to close her leg and repair her severely infected tail. As we saw her health deteriorate without proper care, when the time came where we were offered the chance to take over care, we did so with great pleasure!

Take a look at her early life!

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With Hagrid's Haven

7 months till June 8, 2022

When Hanna was transferred into our care she was not in a good place. She was barely able to push herself off the ground, splayed front legs, no use of her back legs, was dragging herself around, self mutilating herself on her toes/legs/tail, not on nearly enough pain medication which was causing her to self mutilate, etc.

Thankfully since coming to our rescue she has made HUGE strides in her recovery. She has a medical team in place to provide her with the best chance at a complete recovery. 

Take a look at her progress within our rescue!

Spayed on February 16, 2022

Hanna: About
Hanna: Pro Gallery

Medical Treatment Team

Hanna's Medical Services 

* Regular Veterinary Visits

* Electrotherapy

* Applied Kinesiology 

* Laser

       - Acupuncture Laser

* Tui Na Body

       - Chiropractic

       - Acupressure 

       - Acupuncture 

       - Massage

* Natural Medicine

Hanna: About
Hanna: Pro Gallery

Progress Pictures!

Hanna's Recovery with Hagrid's Haven

Hanna: Welcome

Before and After

Curved Spine

Without treatment Hanna's body was recoiling into itself. How she held herself and was dragged herself around started to alter her anatomy to compensate for the lack of hind legs. Her spine started going into an 'S' shape. Thanks to holistic and at home treatment she is improving and her spine is now straight! She no longer is forced to hold her legs to the side of her body either, she is able to hold them underneath her body in a more natural position!


Able to stand on front legs

With being left to deteriorate, she was so weak she couldn't push herself up to stand on her front legs. She was in such a state when she arrived that OVC said there would be no way she can recover from how she was left, her true chance was having her issues treated immediately. Without the use of her front legs they denied her an amputation to allow for easier movement and set her up for a wheelchair. 

With a bit of love, patience, and a LOT of treatment both in clinic and at home, she is now strong enough to use her front legs!

Urinary Scalding

With her spine curving to one side, she was only comfortable sitting/laying on that same side. This meant when she would urinate, the same side was always be laying in pee. The chronic wetness on the same area led to urinary scalding. 

Thanks to your donations,  we were able to purchase vet padding - which helps to wick away the urine from her skin. This will help to prevent this from becoming a recurring issue.

Hanna: Our Work
Brown Dog

Over Grooming/ Lost Appendages

While not on the correct amount of medication, Hanna was overgrooming herself. One of the ways that rabbits soothe themselves, when experiencing pain, is to over groom themselves. Hanna tended to over groom herself, which was due to not being on the correct pain medication. 

The previous rescue was wrapping her feet with vet wrap to try and stop her from getting to her feet while not being on enough pain medication. Even with the vet wrap she was getting at her toes so badly that they were falling off.

Thankfully we got her on the proper doses of medication and Hanna no longer went after her toes allowing them to heal!

Necrotic toe fell off

When Hanna came to our rescue she was missing several toes with one well on its way to falling off. It recently just fell off which means Dr. Jamie needs to take a look to see if any surgery is needed to close it up nicely. Hanna goes for her recheck and possibly surgery on Jan 19, 2022.


Leg wound surgery

The reason that Hanna was transferred into our care, was that she required surgery to repair a self-inflicted leg wound and severe trail infection. 

Once in our care Hanna was brought in for surgery immediately. Our owner, Breanna, started reaching out&