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Recovered from a facial abscess, currently considered a dental bun.

George: Welcome
George: Welcome

George's Recovery

George was a dumped bun with a massive abscess on his face from an injury most likely caused by a predator. Thankfully he was able to get away from the predator but unfortunately his war wound needed to be treated asap, any infection left untreated can become life-threatening. We were asked to take on this case when a retired rescue owner was contacted about this case. 

George's abscess was on the side of his nose and going onto the cheek, the size of a quarter. George required 2 procedures weekly for 2 months straight to recover. Every time he went in he was sedated, flushed, had tissue debrided where needed, and repacked. We were forewarned about George being a dental bun when his skull x-rays showed elongated roots. He has required dental surgery to trim his molars and straighten his incisors, most recently his incisors and molars were trimmed again in January 2022.

We are so thankful to Dr. Nickey and Dr. Kim (sadly now retired) from Campus Estates for taking the best care of George and bringing him to full recovery!

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