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Foster's Needed

We are looking for foster's to help us care for our now healthy rescued rabbits. The more fosters we have the more we are able to assist at risk rabbits who would otherwise be euthanized.

We are looking for fosters that will treat our rescued rabbit like one of their own until their forever home comes. Fosters allow our rescued rabbits to get the one on one attention they deserve, this also allows for better monitoring. Being in a home on their own helps prepare them for their future forever home while not getting used to having any neighbors which could make placement a little more difficult. A foster is able to really get to know them which helps us ensure their placement into the best home for him!

Becoming a foster is a great way to see if adopting a rabbit is right for you and your family without making it a permanent decision. Starting as a foster allows you to stay connected to a rescue so that as something comes up with your now adopted rabbit, you have the rescue there for guidance and assistance. As a foster you also get the resources, educational material, guidance, etc that comes along with learning how to care for a rabbit under a rescue.

If you're interested in saving a life, making a difference, and giving a rescued rabbit a second chance by becoming a foster please download our application! Once you've filled out our application, please email it back to

Foster/ Adopt: About Us

Adopt Don't Shop

Are you looking to add a forever pet to your home?! Let us help you find the perfect rabbit for you, your family, and their soon to be fur friends. We are dedicated to finding the perfect homes for our rescued rabbits. We are so excited to be able to get to know you and meet their future forever mom/dad!

Once you have filled out our application, please email your filled out copy to

We are looking forward to reviewing your application!

Rabbit Care Brochure
Foster/ Adopt: About Us
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