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Fractured Patella

Ella: Welcome

Fractured Patella

Ella tried to jump out of her pen and onto a shelf, sadly she landed incorrectly and was diagnosed with a fractured patella the next day. 

We were given two options for treatment:

* OVC can operate and pin the leg together for $1500-2000 however, there is a chance that this surgery won't work.

*We can try conservative treatment and have 1-3 weeks before surgery is no longer an option.

Sadly there aren't many cases of this injury on a rabbit to help us figure out what is the best option. Without having cases to look off of we also are unsure of what this will mean long-term for her.

Ella: About

Holistic Treatment

We are starting with conservative treatment.

We are hoping with conservative treatment we can save her from a surgery that might not work and could cause her to need an amputation in the long run. Sadly if conservative treatment doesn't work she could also be looking at an amputation.

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