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 AKA Piglet

* 2 Larvae requiring surgical intervention

* 1 Botfly requiring surgical intervention

* Upper Respiratory Infection

* Flea infestation

Rescue Date: August 12, 2023

Chip: Welcome


Chip had a rough go of life and at such a young age, probably dumped outside for over a month if not a few months or more before we managed to rescue her. A mom and her son first spotted her near an elementary school and tried to coax her in for two weeks. When they weren't able to catch her, they reached out to Nicole, owner of Silent Voices, who then got in touch with us. Together, all four of us managed to catch her!

There was a botfly larvae in her neck, another larvae was in her nose along with the botfly that was in it. She was infested with fleas, they were jumping all over her with 3 visible on her nose. While at the vets, our suspicions were confirmed when we were told she had an upper respiratory infection.

She had been staying under a portable and then going under a fence to a man's backyard. The man had been leaving out water for her, he also has a very nice garden that we believe she was eating from.  

Chip: About Us

Chip's Rescue Journey

Check out where she has been staying and how she's been living until she was rescued.

Chip: About
Chip: Pro Gallery

Chip's Medical Journey

Revolution for her flea infestation.

Antibiotics for the larvae infections along with an upper respiratory infection.

A nasolacrimal duct flush to help clear her nose from debris which is how we found a larvae exoskeleton trapped deep inside her nose.

2 surgeries to remove the larvae in her neck and botfly in her nose.


Chip: About
Chip: Pro Gallery
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