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Rabbits & Children

Rabbit owners should be 18+ years of age. Owners should be able to handle all aspects of their care on their own without assistance. That includes financially, daily care, researching to educate yourself on their needs, etc. 

Rabbits prefer an environment that is quiet, calm, no fast movements, no rambunctious behaviour, one that will respect boundaries, etc. If you have children in the home it is very important to help them understand how to behave around animals and why they should be mindful when pets are in the home.

Rabbits & Children: Welcome

Some children might be a little more klutzy, which would be a concern if the rabbit is near. Rabbits like to running in circles around your feet, they move around quickly and without realizing they could even trip you by mistake. This is both dangerous to your child and the rabbit. Making sure to supervise when they are around the rabbits will help make sure everyone stays safe.

Any loud noises would be scary to a rabbit. This could be stomping, things dropping/thrown on the floor, electronics, toys/games, raised voices, etc.

Fast movements can mimic a predator, this would be quite frightening to a rabbit and makes them feel like their life is in danger. We would want to be mindful of any running, jump, throwing, etc.

Being prey animals they don't want to feel confined or like they can't escape to safety. Not feeling like they can be safe or go somewhere to be able to feel safe will cause anxiety, stress, and is scary to a rabbit. Anytime they are trying to get away while being held, kept somewhere they aren't familiar with, kept away from where their area is, etc they will feel this way.

Rabbits & Children: About

Encourage your children to sit on the floor and as long as they respect their boundaries, rabbits will enjoy being around your children. For rabbits to enjoy children they rely on the parents to guide their children. This might mean repeating yourself many times to make sure your children are respecting boundaries and not doing anything that would be stressful or scary to your rabbit.


Help teach your children their basic care! As you are making their meals, why not get the kids involved! When they are of an age that you are comfortable with them helping you with the litter, teach them how to do this with you. Be sure to always supervise when children are about. This will help teach them responsibility, helps build a bond with the rabbit, builds an appreciation for another life, helps teach them what it takes to give proper care and what that

looks like, etc.

When this young man's mom explained how rabbits are scared of most things and need time to get used to the home, he wanted his new furry friend to feel as safe as possible. He laid down spread out without moving so that the bun could move around as she liked without feeling vulnerable. This allowed her to understand that her boundaries wouldn't be crossed and she wouldn't be placed in a situation she couldn't remove herself from.

Rabbits & Children: Our Work

Parents, please remember that your children are watching your every move. By ensuring proper treatment, care, housing, basic needs, etc is given you are ensuring the next generation treats animals better. It all starts with us and our actions, let's show them how it's done!

Please keep in mind that this is a FOREVER decision. If you have any doubts, it would be best to hold off until you are sure you can care for them now and into the future no matter what comes up in your life.


If members of your family are under 18, they are able to help care for the rabbit however they should not be considered the primary caregiver or owner. This is a fantastic time to teach your young adults how to be responsible and treat animals. This way they know how to give proper care to another life. Rabbits require owners who are 18+, anyone under 18 would not be a suitable owner for a rabbit. If you can't care for a rabbit in every aspect of their life without assistance, you aren't ready to think about owning a pet. Please be responsible when dealing with another life.

If you have any questions please always feel free to contact Hagrid's Haven!

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