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Angel & Coco

Adoption Ready!

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Angel & Coco: Welcome
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Sex: Female

Approx. Age: 8 months (Feb 2022)

Weight: 1.67 kg

Spay Date: Sept 15, 2021

Vaccination Date: Aug 19, 2023

Medical concerns: None we are aware of!

Rescue Date: September 17, 2021

Angel & Coco: About


Sex: Female

Age: 8 months

Weight: 1.83 kg

Spay Date: Sept 15, 2021

Vaccination Date: Aug 19, 2023

Medical concerns: None we are aware of!

Rescue Date: September 17, 2021

Angel & Coco: About

Background info:

Angel and Coco were pulled from a shelter who only takes in dumped/abandoned rabbits. We were contacted to assist as their vet is not exotic trained and was severely under dosing pain meds after spays/neuters along with only giving both sexes pain meds for 2 days.

About Coco:

Coco, the charming little bundle of joy who will steal your heart with her adorable personality and endearing charm. Coco is a sweet and affectionate bunny with a heart as big as her fluffy coat. With her expressive eyes and twitching nose, she'll instantly make you fall in love.

This little cutie came to us as a rescue, and since then, we've been dedicated to giving her the best care and love she deserves. Coco has been through quite a journey, and her resilience and spirit shine through, making her an extraordinary companion for the right family.

Coco loves to be pampered and adored, and she'll show her appreciation with gentle nudges and the softest bunny kisses. She enjoys spending time exploring her surroundings and nibbling on her favorite treats, which will undoubtedly melt your heart.

One look into Coco's eyes, and you'll see the trust and affection she has to offer. She's looking for a forever home where she can be the center of attention, surrounded by love and affection. With her friendly and sociable nature, she'll easily bond with her new family and bring endless joy to their lives.

If you're looking for a loyal and affectionate companion, Coco is the perfect match for you. Come meet her and experience the warmth and happiness she brings. 

About Angel:

Our sweet little Angel, a bashful bunny with a heart of gold! At first, Angel may seem a bit shy and reserved, taking her time to feel comfortable in new surroundings. But don't let that fool you! With a little patience and tender care, this precious girl will bloom into the most loving and affectionate cuddle buddy you could ever wish for!

Angel's journey with us has been filled with love and understanding, as we've provided her with a nurturing environment to help her gain confidence. As she grows more comfortable with her surroundings, you'll witness her charming personality unfold, and she'll quickly steal your heart with her gentle ways.

If you're looking for a loyal companion who will bring an abundance of joy and snuggles into your life, Angel is the perfect match. With time and attention, she'll show you the true meaning of unconditional love. Give Angel the chance she deserves, and you'll be rewarded with a lifetime of cherished moments together. 

About the pair:

Get ready for a daily dose of cuteness overload with Coco and her adorable sister Angel! In the mornings, they're all about spreading joy with their binkies and zoomies around the room, bringing a smile to your face as you start your day. These lovely buns crave human company and thrive when they can be a part of the action, making every moment with them an absolute delight!

When it comes to treats, Coco and Angel are big fans! They not only satisfy their cravings, help them learn tricks, they also help keep them on their best behavior. 

Coco is the natural leader of this dynamic duo, and Angel follows her lead with complete trust. Throughout the day, you'll find them loafing comfortably in common areas where their humans hang out, soaking up the love and attention from their loving humans.

These two cuties are true stars in front of the camera, capturing hearts with their photogenic charm. Don't believe us? Just take a peek at their adorable photoshoots down below!

Adopting Coco and Angel means opening your heart and home to endless love and joy. Together, you'll create treasured memories that will warm your heart for years to come. Give these precious bunnies the forever family they deserve, and they'll fill your life with endless happiness!

Angel & Coco: Text
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