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Angel & Coco

Adoption Ready!

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Angel & Coco: Welcome
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Sex: Female

Approx. Age: 8 months (Feb 2022)

Weight: 1.67 kg

Spay Date: Sept 15, 2021

Medical concerns: None we are aware of!

Rescue Date: September 17, 2021

Angel & Coco: About


Sex: female

Age: 8 months

Weight: 1.83 kg

Spay Date: Sept 15, 2021

Medical concerns: None we are aware of!

Rescue Date: September 17, 2021

Angel & Coco: About

Background info:

Angel and Coco were pulled from a shelter who only takes in dumped/abandoned rabbits. We were contacted to assist as their vet is not exotic trained and was severely under dosing pain meds after spays/neuters along with only giving both sexes pain meds for 2 days.

About Coco:

Coco is a curious bun, she loves to explore! She likes to be in the same room as her humans, often nudging to be picked up for a cuddle or loafs at your feet to be petted. 

About Angel:

Angel is more shy and takes a minute to get used to her surroundings. With time and attention she will gain more confidence and become the best little cuddler!

About the pair:

In the morning they will often do binkies and zoomies around the room. They like it best when they are able to be with their humans and in the action!

They love their apple sticks which also helps deter them from being naughty. They enjoy their side veggies such as cilantro, thyme, rosemary, willow branches. 

Coco usually leads and Angel will follow. Otherwise, they will loaf comfortably in the living room just about all day and hang out with their humans!

They are the most photogenic pair we have ever seen! Keep scrolling to check out pictures from their photoshoots!

Angel & Coco: Text
Angel & Coco: Pro Gallery
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