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Andromeda Aka Andy

Adoption Ready!

Sex: Female

Birthdate: June 15, 2020

Weight: 1.97kg

Spay Date: Jan 11, 2021

Medical Concerns: None that we are aware of!

Rescue Date: July 7, 2020 

Andromeda: Welcome

Background Information:

Andromeda was surrendered into our care with her siblings, mom, and other rabbit friends. She was part of 12 rabbits who were surrendered due to requiring immediate medical attention from a hoarding situation. Andromeda's mom, Bellatrix, had 6 of her own babies and 2 surrogates – Hermione and Harry. All adults came to the rescue with an upper respiratory infection while all rabbits were malnourished, on an extremely incorrect diet (Potato peels and cheap adult pellets. No proper diet for babies), no free roam, caged with other unfixed rabbits leading into fights/injuries, cockroaches crawling everywhere, nothing was ever cleaned, etc.

Due to being on an incorrect diet her mom was not able to produce enough milk to sustain them. They were also not receiving enough calcium in their diet to help them grow. Thankfully at 3 weeks of age they came into our care and were able to receive medical attention and proper care so that they could thrive as adults. 

About Andromeda:

Andy enjoys hanging out around her humans as much as she possibly can. She is known to use her nose aggressively to boop her human for attention no matter the situation. Andy is extremely curious and must investigate everything. There are some foods that she is able to smell quite quickly/easily and when she does, you won't be left alone. She can be a thump master to voice her displeasure of situations. Andy would love a forever home that she can be free roam in and preferably with a friend.

Andromeda: Text
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