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AKA Albusaurus

  • Urine scalding

  • Dewclaw abscess

  • Eye discharge

  • Sore hocks

  • Urinary sludge

  • Dental issues

  • Dermatitis

  • Nasal Blockage

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Surrender Background

Albus came to us shortly after his sibling, Hagrid, passed away. Upon being rescued it was very clear that Albus was in desperate need of medical assistance, he had a lot of the same symptoms that Hagrid had before he passed away. This meant that we knew how urgent it was to start his treatment immediately and to do what we needed a rabbit savvy vet immediately. Both Hagrid and Albus were rescued before our rescue was formed. When we set out to rescue these rabbits our intent was to help get them out of a horrible situation, that ended up turning into keeping the bun due to his medical complications and uncertain future due to inbreeding and improper care.

When our rescue was formed, he was naturally added as a resident bun as he was rescued and kept due to his complicated medical needs and very expensive long-term treatment that would render him unadoptable in normal circumstances. Sadly, if given to a shelter or rescue he most likely would have been euthanized for his complex needs. Without being able to find a potential adopter 


Albus was on a diet of only young pellets. He was kept in a shed with no light, ventilation, windows, etc. He was in a 3X3 area covered in the straw that was never changed, only added to. A few days before we picked him up the farmer had 3 females pass away from heat stroke. After that he left the shed doors open to let some of the heat out. A welfare officer went out and let him know this was unacceptable and gave him a timeline to have them gone by, this is when we were contacted to ask if we would take on another, Albus. He was used as a breeder bun for extra cash. As they weren't concerned about their long-term health or wellbeing, they were all being inbred. The babies were being petted out while a bulk were going to a dog trainer to teach their dogs how to hunt, they were 8+ weeks of age when being released to run for their life with no hope of escape. 

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Medical Background

With Albus being inbred, this has contributed to several medical issues leading to him needing to become a sanctuary rabbit. With his complex medical conditions, the financial toll, and needing molars removed- he will enter into a quality of life situation early on in his life. 


In 1 year he has needed 2 molars removed along with his dental trims. His dental trims started at 6 months apart which then turned into 3 months apart, then every 6 weeks. When his dental trims were getting to be every 4-6 weeks apart and he was still drooling 10 days after his last dental trim, we knew it was time to see OVC for a CT and dental surgery to help reduce the frequency of dental trims being done. Being placed under anesthetic so often brings on life-threatening risks. 


When Albus arrived into our rescue he was missing his dewclaw which had turned into an abscess. When he went in for his neuter, he had the abscess taken care of at the same time to avoid putting him under anesthetic multiple times. They ended up needing to amputate his dewclaw. 

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Malocclusions and Molar Removal Surgeries

Facial Dermatitis


Dermatitis on front paws

Dermatitis acne

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Dewclaw Abscess

Dewclaw Amputation

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Nasolacrimal Duct Flushes


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