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Our Mission

As a dedicated Rabbit Rescue Organization since 2020, Hagrid's Haven Rabbit Rescue has discovered countless ways to make a positive difference in the lives and welfare of animals. In an ideal world, every human being would be compassionate enough to lend a helping hand. From volunteering time and making a donation, to staying informed and advocating online, there are so many ways to get involved. 

Hagrid's Haven is dedicated to helping abused, abandoned, and neglected rabbits. We specialize in behavioral and medically at risk rabbits.

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Our Rescue


With this initiative, our goal is to support the welfare of rabbits in need along with supporting rabbit owners with their care. Our advocacy efforts go a long way, with the support of our dedicated community.

To help with our advocacy efforts, we have created a Facebook group dedicated to learning about rabbits to help you be the best owner you can be along with giving you the information needed to know if a rabbit is for you BEFORE bringing one home. Our group includes vet approved educational material found in the file section!



We incorporate whole body wellness by correcting behavioral issues, obtaining medical assistive devices, holistic approaches, veterinarian assistance, specialist appointments, etc.

We are dedicated to stepping up our Rehabilitation efforts, which is by no means an easy feat. But through education and community involvement, we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.


With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to make our Rescue efforts more effective. With our goal always focused on ensuring the welfare of all rabbits we aim to educate owners on their basic and medical needs to assist in their daily care.

Contact us to join our rescue team! We are always in need of volunteers, volunteer drivers, fosters, social media assistance, etc.

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Current medical buns


Muffin and Teddy- Sinusitis Maxillaris

Muffin was pulled from a shelter so that we could arrange medical care that was being denied by the shelter. Like most shelters, this shelters vet was not trained to handle rabbits making it common to see them be underdosed, marked as healthy when that's not the case, or have visible medical issues ignored. 

Muffin came to us with an upper respiratory infection and a chronic eye discharge. After several visits to our vet for x-rays, nasolacrimal duct flushes, and various treatments, we learned Muffin has Sinusitis Maxillaris along with an ongoing infection of the upper sinus that seems to have affected the upper dentition and is bulging the bone out.

Just 6 weeks after seeing the vet, Muffin was almost unable to open her mouth to eat. She required emergency dental surgery that day to ensure she could continue to open her mouth/move her jaw. 

When looking over another case it was found that another one of our rescued rabbits has the same indications showing up in their x-rays as Muffin. This means we have TWO rabbits who require a dental specialist to review their cases, book any necessary surgeries, and continue to monitor them throughout their lives.

We need your help to be able to afford their treatment as it will be quite costly. Help Teddy and Muffin keep eating with a donation.

A bit sleepy before.jpeg

Kita- High Maintenance Dental Bun

Kita was from a colony of dumped rabbits on farmland. A member of the community contacted our rescue asking for assistance for 17 rabbits. 7 adults and 10 newborns most likely only 1-2 weeks of age. With Kita requiring emergency treatment, she was immediately sent on her way to Campus Estates, our nearest emergency Hospital for exotics. Kita was rushed into surgery as soon as she arrived, she was considered in critical condition as she was missing her entire throat from ear to ear to the point that muscle was exposed. The vets weren't sure she would be able to make it through and euthanasia was offered. One look at Kita told us she was a fighter and she wanted us to try, she didn't make it this far to give up now! We asked the vet to go ahead and bring her into surgery.

With thousands of dollars required to recover such a major injury, the number of medical appointments/ procedures/ surgeries we needed to make ourselves available for, the knowledge we had to acquire to understand the full scope of what was going on and what was required from us, 24/7 at home care, the ability to be able to stomach to look at such a major injury to flush/ clean/ apply meds/ rewrap/ etc, and so much more, having a rabbit like this is not just a full-time job but most other rescues wouldn't have the ability to recover such an extreme medical case due to everything required so that they can recover. With our owner being in a unique position to be able to make herself available 24/7 to our rescued buns, we were Kita's best chance at her making it through this, otherwise we were looking at euthanasia like other rescues would have been forced to do as it wouldn't be fair to her if we couldn't keep up with her medical treatment. 

Kita is now fully recovered! However, she still needs your help because she is a high maintenance dental bun requiring a dental trim every 3-4 months. This means every year she costs a minimum of $2000 in just her medical bills.


Muffin - Dental Bun

Muffin was a dumped bun who was brought to a local shelter by members of the community. the shelter then contacted us asking for help. She was said to be medical but when picking her up they said she was recovered and now healthy. It was apparent by looking at her that she was still sick and required a rabbit savvy vet to get her recovered.

We recovered Muffin from her upper respiratory infection but noticed more was going on as her eye kept having discharge no matter what we did. Further diagnostics showed that Muffin has Sinusitis Maxillaris which is a condition she will have for the rest of her life, thankfully it only causes eye discharge which needs daily cleaning. Beyond that specialists have said this shouldn't affect her and she should be able to live a great life!

Sadly, Muffin's incisors would become an issue requiring surgeries to have them removed along with re-extractions as needed. We had no other option but to remove Muffin's incisors, they were growing too quickly that even weekly dental trims couldn't keep up. Without the weekly trims she wouldn't have been able to open her mouth to eat or drink which would have put her life at risk. Until we could get her in for her incisors to be removed which would be a more long-term solution, Muffin's only chance was weekly trims so that she could make it to the surgery. 

One of the things we are warned about with this surgery is that because their teeth are meant to grow, there is a chance a tooth could regrow if not enough tissue was taken. This is a very delicate surgery where we can't take too little tissue or too much. If this were to happen and a tooth regrew, it would need to be re-extracted again. 

Muffin's peg tooth started growing back first and was successfully re-extracted! Sadly, an incisor is now regrowing which we were able to see by x-ray. An x-ray was prompted due to the increase in eye discharge seen. 

Unfortunately, the incisor has started growing in the complete wrong direction which was one of our fears. Muffin's incisor is growing straight out of her mouth and not downwards. An x-ray will be needed right before her incisor is extracted when it's 1-2cm in length, just long enough to be able to grab it during surgery.  

We need your help to afford Muffin's continued medical care. 

We are a non-profit rescue running off of the generosity of the community. We are not assisted by the government or with any grants to assist with any costs. We are just regular people that have an overwhelming drive to help rabbits in need.

The amount of support we receive via fosters and donations directly impacts the rabbits that we are able to assist at one time. With your help we will be able to continue assisting rabbits who are medically inclined.

We are the only rescue in Canada currently that goes out of our way to specifically assist medical rabbits. While we are more than willing and have the medical knowledge and capabilities to take on any severe medical case, we are only able to maintain a medically inclined rescue if we have the funds to keep up with their medical bills. For this reason, donations are vital not just so that we can help rescued rabbits recover but so that our doors can stay open to keep helping more especially since we are the only medically inclined rescue in our country.

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Contact Us!

Please do NOT contact us to ask to surrender your forever pet. If you would like assistance on tips and tricks to make things work so that you can keep your pet, we would be happy to help! 

Rescues are NOT here to take over your responsibility or forever commitment that you made when taking them home. 

Rescues are here to help shelters with overflow to avoid euthanasia, to take over medical cases shelters don't have the ability to handle, to educate the community on the care and needs of specific species/breeds, etc. 

It is up to you as the owner to ensure you have carefully thought out this decision to bring a life home to care for them for the rest of their life. Please don't bring any pet home if you can't guarantee that no matter what happens you will always be there to care for them. They don't understand why they just had to lose everything they know, the ones who they thought loved them, and then ones who promised them they had a forever home like any other member of the family. Rehoming causes rabbits to become psychologically damaged as well, don't do this to them over selfish reason because you wanted a cute pet without looking into what was involved. They are always the ones to suffer while their owner considers them a burden, a burden they asked to have and now are willing to risk the pets physical and mental health to no longer be their problem.

Thanks for submitting!

London, ON, Canada

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