Our Mission

As a dedicated Rabbit Rescue Organization since 2020, Hagrid's Haven Rabbit Rescue has discovered countless ways to make a positive difference in the lives and welfare of animals. In an ideal world, every human being would be compassionate enough to lend a helping hand. From volunteering time and making a donation, to staying informed and advocating online, there are so many ways to get involved. 

Hagrid's Haven is dedicated to helping abused, abandoned, and neglected rabbits. We specialize in behavioral and medically at risk rabbits.

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Our Rescue


With this initiative, our goal is to support the welfare of rabbits in need along with supporting rabbit owners with their care. Our advocacy efforts go a long way, with the support of our dedicated community.



We incorporate whole body wellness by correcting behavioral issues, obtaining medical assistive devices, holistic approaches, veterinarian assistance, specialist appointments, etc.

We are dedicated to stepping up our Rehabilitation efforts, which is by no means an easy feat. But through education and community involvement, we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.


With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to make our Rescue efforts more effective. With our goal always focused on insuring the welfare of all rabbits we aim to educate owners on their basic and medical needs to assist in their daily care. Contact us to to join our rescue team! We are always in need of volunteers, volunteer drivers, fosters, etc.


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Muffin and Teddy

Muffin was pulled from a shelter so that we could ensure medical care was arranged. She came to us with an upper respiratory infection and a chronic eye discharge. After several visits to our vet for xrays, nasolacrimal duct flushes, and various treatments we learned she most likely has Sinusitis Maxillaris, an ongoing infection of the upper sinus that seems to have affected the upper dentition and is bulging the bone out.

Muffins last appointment only 6 weeks from her previous, she was almost unable to open her mouth to eat. She required emergency dental surgery that day to ensure she could continue to open her mouth/move her jaw.

When looking over another case it was found that another one of our rescued rabbits has the same indications showing up in their x-rays as Muffin. This means we have two rabbits who require a dental specialist to review their cases and book any necessary surgeries. Most likely teeth will need to be pulled.

We need your help to be able to afford their treatment as it will be quite costly. Help Teddy and Muffin keep eating with a donation.


Hanna is a bun with no use of her back legs. She was transferred into our care from another rescue due to the medical attention, financial hardship, home care, medical care, educating oneself on the conditions, etc that came along with having a rabbit like Hanna. While in our care we have set her up with regular veterinarian and holistic visits. This is paired with her at home care which includes massage, physio, several medications, and wrapping her legs and feet. She has seen the specialists already and currently we are doing everything we can for her. We have assistive devices for Hanna to help with at home care and getting around. Only time will tell now how much we can recover her. We are in desperate need of funds for her continued care as she received several appointments a week which add up quickly.



Ella was a rabbit being kept in a barn with horses a rooster, chickens, and another rabbit. They were mostly on a cheaper pellet diet with a little hay.

When trying to catch Ella to put her in the carrier, she screamed and acted like her life depended on making sure she got away from us. Even with her securely in hand, she was trying to flip herself out of our grip. Ella tried to throw herself at the door as her last attempt of escape which was once again thankfully unsuccessful. At this point she was placed in the carrier and off to our owners home!

Being a lop, Ella is predisposed to dental issues and ear infections. Currently it looks like Ella is in need of a dental trim. We are unsure if she is a dental bun at this time or if this is due to improper care. Ella will be going for skull x-rays to see what is going on and the best way to resolve this. 

When dealing with any medical issues we always want to find the primary cause so that we can resolve the issue altogether. This means having necessary diagnostics done which can add up quickly.

We are a non-profit rescue running off of the generosity of the community. With your help we will be able to continue assisting rabbits who are medically inclined. Currently we are the only Rescue in Canada that specifically assists medical rabbits thanks to your support!


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